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    George Winn – RB – Cincinnati – 5’11” – 215 lbs.

Led Big East in Rushing Yards and Touchdowns – All Big East Conference Selection –   Texas vs. Nation All Star Game

   george6 George Winn is a well-rounded and versatile football player and human being. Born during the stretch run of the 1990 NFL football season, Winn already has a connection to the professional ranks through his cousin, veteran wide receiver Derek Mason. He is currently preparing himself to put forth his best effort at the upcoming 2013 NFL Combine, which he has been invited to and is very anxious to attend.

Like almost all skill position players who build themselves into professional level players, Winn’s skill set became evident while he was a youngster growing up in Michigan. Brutally cold winters were not enough to keep Winn off the football fields and basketball courts in Detroit, and by the time he arrived at University of Detroit Jesuit high school in 2004, he was already a headstrong and savvy football player.

Winn dominated the local high school ranks during his junior and senior seasons, amassing well over 1,000 yards and double digits rushing touchdowns in both years. He chose to leave the state and attend the University of Cincinnati after being heavily recruited by the Bearcats and highly impressed by the passion of the coaching staff. Winn patiently waited for his chance in the spotlight behind other Cincinnati greats such as Isaiah Peed in recent years before being given the role of starting running back in the off-season leading up to his senior campaign.

Winn essentially put the Bearcats on his back this past year, rushing for well over 1,300 yards on well under 250 attempts. His 5.5 yards per carry average matched that of his Junior year in which he got only 40 carries, and the total certainly got the attention of offense coordinators around the professional ranks.

George Winn has a bevy of qualities that will likely make him a solid professional capable of having a long and successful career. For starters, Winn has an excellent disposition and attitude while making his way through a 60 minute football game. Never will you see the young man slam the football down in disappointment after an offensive lineman misses a block. From a young age, he became committed to drawing attention to himself by way of his jaw-dropping successes and accomplishments, not by pounding his chest and preaching about his greatness.

The performance he put it in 2012 demonstrates that he is able to carry the load in the highest ranks of college football, and with a few years of experience he could certainly do so in the pros as well. Scouts should note that as compared to most top-flight running backs coming out a four-year universities, Winn has far less wear and tear on his body and has been slung to the Earth a mere fraction of the times that a typical NFL-caliber college football running back has endured.

Winn is a likable, charismatic individual with a good sense of humor. Teammates have given him nothing but praise over the years, and coaches appreciated how professional he was while waiting for his opportunity to demonstrate his skills. Whatever team is wise and lucky enough to draft him will get a talented and wise back built to move the chains.